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Pub Quiz

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Complete Pub Quiz Night

Play your own pub quiz from the comfort of your living room with this fabulous gift that features over 1, 000 questions, an answer booklet, pencils and score sheets. Realistic of a typically British pub quiz. Split into teams and compete against each other to be pub quiz champion. At the end of the last round, teams should swap answer sheets so opposing teams mark the answers with the guidance of the quiz master. Happy quizzing


  • All the fun of a genuine pub quiz with your friends & family!
  • Have a brilliant night in with 1, 000 questions across typical pub quiz rounds
  • Comes packaged and designed to look like it houses a bottle of whiskey
  • Includes questions, answer booklets and instructions
  • Ideal for those who love a pub quiz or who have a competitive streak

Suitable for ages 14 & up